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What do you find on a small beach? Micro-waves! Whats another name for a snail? A booger with a crash helmet! What did the mosquito say to the elephant? Hide behind me.

Laloo Jokes

once laloo

Once Laloo was coming out of Airport. As there was huge rush the security guard told Laloo WAIT SIR for which Laloo replied 65Kgs and moved on

Santa Banta

Jokes on Santa Banta

Santa: Why do you take your wife to night clubs only?
Laloo: By the time she gets ready no other place is open.


jokes riddles

What did the cannibal have for lunch? Baked beings (beans).
What do bees do with all their honey? Cell (sell) it.

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Short Funny Jokes

Now suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress But I repeat myself. Mark Twain

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